Forever Repurchase: Haircare Edition

The second in my 'forever repurchase' series focuses on haircare and the body-boosting products that I simply couldn't imagine my life without. As a little bit of background info; I have fine, straight hair that needs a thorough root wash every day but the ends are dry and damaged due to bleaching in the past (not ideal). Typically, I love hair that's big, bouncy and beachy - pretty much the exact opposite of my natural locks. 

Straight after washing my hair I spritz the Aussie Colour Insurance Leave In Conditioner throughout the lengths and comb through with a Tangle Teezer. The Aussie version has been my go-to LIC for a good few years now - i've never felt the need to change to anything else as it does the job it's intended to do perfectly well. It smells divine and keeps my hair knot-free and protected throughout the day, as well as providing my mane with a little extra softness and shine. Although I no longer dye my hair, I keep to the Colour Insurance version as I'm still suffering from the damage that previous DIY jobs have left behind. I've used the Lucious Long version in the past too though and I recommend that 100% - especially if your hair is prone to tangles.

Next up, I take the Sachajuan SPF Mousse and apply it to the roots of my hair. I'm a huge fan of hair mousses due to the extra volume and body they give, although I'm not so much a fan of the sticky/crispy feeling they can leave behind. This mousse is one of the few options I've tried that doesn't leave any residue in the hair but still provides that little bit of life and hold. Having fair skin and fair hair has also led to me being extra cautious in the sun and I love that this includes an SPF to protect your locks from the elements - a vital step that so many people miss out. I've tried countless numbers of hair mousse in the past but I can't see myself switching to anything else now.

Finally, two products from my holy grail haircare brand have just got to feature on the list. The Bumble & Bumble (un)Dressing Creme is my saviour for days when my hair falls a little flat. Having naturally fine, straight locks means that I struggle to get 'oomph', which is where this little bottle comes in handy. I rub a pea sized amount between my hands once my hair is dry and rough up the lengths, leaving my layers looking defined and my mane full of life. It also adds a lot of texture and hold without making my hair sticky which is perfect for me. The Surf Spray works in a similar way, but is a lot less gritty - in fact it's undetectable in the hair. I like to use this when my 'do is still damp and leave the rest to dry naturally for a effortless, beachy look. Two products that my lifeless hair definitely couldn't do without!