Beauty Bargain | Dainty Doll 'Frankie Girl' Eyeshadow Base

After months of restraint I've buckled and fallen for the hype around the sudden slash in price of Dainty Doll cosmetics. At first I assumed that the company had disappeared altogether and the products discontinued, but after a long time trawling through google I can't seem to find a definitive answer. Whatever the explanation may be, DD cosmetics at cheap as chips prices still seem to be readily available both online and in various shops around the UK (I've spotted some bits cropping up in both The Factory Store and Poundland of late). Although the temptation to go all out and panic buy was rife, I settled for getting things that I knew I didn't have dupes of - figuring that I could justify it later by claiming that I didn't already own anything else like it. With that in mind, I picked up 'Frankie Girl'; a beige creme eyeshadow base.

Whilst I own a range of eyeshadow primers, I'm yet to get my hands on a product quite like this one. When I initially tried it I was shocked at how hard the creme is in the pan, but once it's warmed up a little it has a gorgeously smooth texture. I don't have particularly oily lids - nor do I find that eyeshadows crease very easily on me - but I like to lay the foundations well all the same. Much to my surprise this doesn't feel at all chalky when applied to my lids, instead it glides on smoothly and evens out the area ready for makeup to be applied over the top. Any shadow that I use with this becomes more vibrant and blends really easily, making it the ideal option if you're wanting to create a budge-proof smokey eye. I can't say that I notice a massive difference in the longevity of my makeup when I use this, but I'm probably not the best person to comment as my eyes are the only part of my face that makeup stays put on anyway! I've tried wearing it alone too and I actually really like the effect - although anyone with mid/deep skin tones may struggle to pull it off (hardly surprisingly as DD cosmetics are aimed at those of us with ghostly complexions). I can't say that I'll be reaching for this everyday and I do still prefer the weightless feel of more conventional eyeshadow primers, but it's a handy addition to my collection and I may use it when I'm going out and am looking to create a bolder eye look.

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