Review | Origins 'Out Of Trouble' Mask

Turns out I'm building up quite a collection of Origins lotions and potions, in particular their face masks (we all know I'm a sucker for a mask!) The 'Out of Trouble' mask was a bit of a spontaneous purchase and one which I wasn't entirely sure why I made at the time. I have dry/combination skin and am prone to occasional rough, flaky patches so I really don't know why I opted for a mask created to 'de-slick' oily complexions. Despite my skin type however I do still suffer with blemishes and spots so I had my mitts crossed that this would do something to rescue my skin when it decides to spontaneously break out.

The scent of this mask was a little off-putting at first - it reminds me of a much cheaper product but I can't quite put my finger on exactly what it is. The mask itself is thick, white and has the consistency of a paste, which is exactly how this applies. I smooth a thin layer over my face and leave it for the recommended 10 minutes (sometimes longer depending on how much of a pamper I'm after/how lazy I'm being). After the allocated time I find that it dries pretty much completely on my skin but I've never found it to be 'drying'. I would have expected it to feel tight or to be able to notice a lack of moisture in my skin once it's been washed off; neither of which I've ever actually experienced.

In terms of effectiveness my skin definitely feels calmer when I've used this. I apply it about once a week and find that it's often enough to keep any little pimples at bay; especially as my skin is currently going through a relatively well behaved stage (touch wood!) as I don't have oily skin I don't see this mask as an essential but I do still reel in the anti-blemish benefits and enjoy having it as part of my skincare kit. Origins products have made a huge difference to my skin and I couldn't recommend the brand enough; I really think this mask would be a staple for anyone with an oily complexion. It sucks up any excess moisture without leaving the skin looking dull or dehydrated - instead my skin feels soft, supple and perfectly clean.

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