Review | Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil

Despite my religious facial skincare routine, moisturising my body and keeping the rest of my skin in good nick is something that I definitely need to work on. Despite having numerous lotions and potions to do the job, it's a step in my routine that I can be incredibly lazy and forgetful with. The idea of simply spritzing something over my body after showering is a ideal for me as it gets the job done with seriously minimal effort... enter the Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil.

Body oils are the one for me in terms of moisturising. I've tried and tested countless body creams and lotions in the past but have never felt they give me the same supple-skinned results as an oil formula. Packed full of four different oils (argan, rose, macadamia and almond) this stuff leaves my skin feeling seriously slick as well as providing me with a much-needed glow all year round. It smells absolutely divine too - admittedly it's fragranced a bit like an SPF lotion but it reminds me of summer for exactly that reason. My boyfriend hates the scent though so it's definitely not to everybody's taste! The weightless formula is ideal for use after the shower; I simply spritz it over my body, pat it into my skin and I'm good to go. Within about 10 minutes it's sunk into my skin and has left nothing but a super soft skin and a subtle glow behind. 

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