My Current Hair Routine

When it comes to my hair I'm a very low maintenance type. After dabbling in the world of over dying, over processing and generally being far too over experimental with my locks I'm loving the idea of giving my tresses as little attention as possible from now on and allowing them to grow and heal as nature intended! Despite this, many people ask me about my hair and what I do with it so I thought it was about time I gave you guys the lowdown. It's really nothing interesting, I don't use expensive products on my hair and I probably don't take care of it anywhere near as much as I should. For me, a fiver is more than enough to splurge on a hair product (I know right) and I'm the type who picks up whatever shampoo/conditioner happens to be on offer in the local supermarket that week. It's something I'm planning to change and I do definitely want to dip my toe into the world of middle/high end hair care in the not so distant future, but for now my routine remains as boring as ever.

Washing (the really boring bit...)

My hair has a tendency to knot, tangle and matte itself together in anyway possible so for me giving it all a brush through before I start washing it is a must. I use my trusty Tangle Teezer (full review here) to smooth my hair out before I enter the bath/shower. After lathering up with Lush BIG Shampoo (full review here) I rinse everything out and occasionally use a conditioning mask, such as the Intensive Deep Repair Mask by OSMO (full review here). More often than not I skip the conditioning step altogether due to laziness or the fact I just don't have enough time, but I try to do it as often as possible (promise!)

As I mentioned before, I'm really not one to splurge on haircare. The products I use work fine for me although the condition of my hair could be improved upon! Once my hair has been rough dried with a towel I spritz Pantene Instant Nourishing Mist (full review here) through the ends which works much like a leave-in conditioner treatment. Sometimes I smooth a little Percy & Reed 'No Oil Oil' through the tips but I often leave this step. I then scrunch some L'oreal Go Create Spritz through my hair to add texture and definition, before massaging Sachajuan SPF Mousse (full review here) into my roots. I blow dry my fringe first and then tip the rest upside down and dry it roughly.

In terms of the other products in my box, I sometimes pull out the Aussie Luscious Lengths leave-in conditioner if my hair needs a little more TLC. The Aussie Dual Personality spray also sits in my collection and is a blend of conditioning treatment and a gel spritz; something which I may use if I know I'll be wearing my hair up and I want really strong hold. The Tresemme Texture Velvet Creme (full review here) is too heavy for me to use on dry hair, but I occasionally run it through damp ends to provide a more roughed up, lived in kind of look.


It probably goes without saying that I don't really take my time on this step either. I tend to blow dry my hair with my Tresemme drier (I have no idea exactly what kind this is but it's super powerful nonetheless!) I always dry my fringe this way but if I have to time to I like to let the lengths air dry. If I have blow-dried my hair, my next step will be to straighten it slightly with my GHD's. I have the black ones that were part of a limited edition set, but I think they all do pretty much the same thing! I don't section my hair - nor do I run a brush through it - I literally pick up thick chunks and run the straightener lightly over the top to smooth out any really obvious kinks without giving my hair a poker straight finish.

If I curl my hair it will be either with my straighteners (my favourite method for waves) or my Enrapture Totem Styler, which admittedly I don't use anywhere near as much as I should. I'm rubbish with anything hair related so I still need to practise tonging properly! Usually if I have curls I've done it with my GHD's though. Another method I sometimes use is to wait until my hair is about 75% dry, then twist it up and tie it into a loose bun. I sleep on that and find that I get really messy waves in the morning without having to use any heat; a definite bonus!

To finish, I use my backcombing brush to add volume to the roots, sectioning off areas around the crown and pushing the hair gently towards the scalp to create lift. I then smooth the top section over with the same brush and I'm done! My fringe is styled depending on how I want to wear it. When I have my full fringe I just pull it all forward and run my GHD's through it, gently curling the irons at the end to 'tuck' the hair under itself slightly. Either I leave it like that or I gently part it into two sections - it really just depends how I feel on the day! I keep Batiste dry shampoo in both the large bottle and the handbag size version on hand just in case, and that's it really.

I hope that wasn't too boring; if you managed to make it to the end of this post then I really do salute you! I'm happy to answer any questions you have, if you'd like to see a video on my hair routine or related to anything that I've spoken about then please do let me know in the comments below. As I mentioned I'm really keen to explore new hair products and have fun with my routine a little more so if you have any recommendations then please mention those too!

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