Concealer 101: Hiding The Evidence

Ah, concealer. Since being blessed with acne-prone skin and the herditory dark undereye circles (thanks dad), this stuff really has become my beauty BFF. It's admittedly a bit of a boring purchase and one that I try to avoid making in favour of pretty nail polishes far too often, but I've gradually gathered up a suitable collection of cover-ups that are perfect for daily use. My stash includes concealers of all different shades, formulas and textures but I thought I'd give you a run through of my top 5 most used picks and the ways in which I use them to hide a multitude of sins.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - once hailed as my top under-eye concealer, I now use this to cover blemishes, redness and spots when they occur. This stuff is massively raved about in the beauty world and in my opinion it's definitely for good reason. A heavy duty option with a less than heavy price tag, I've been using this since I first got into makeup at the beginning of high school and have had at least one tube in my stash at all times since. As I've grown older and my skin has become more dry I do find this a little tricky to use on certain areas (nose, I'm talking to you) but as long as I've moisturised and prepped my skin well beforehand this isn't too much of a problem. On minimal makeup days I skip the foundation completely and opt for this on it's own instead - a method that has worked for me for years now.

Soap & Glory Trick and Treatment - this has similar packaging to the Collection 2000 option and is also practically the same in terms of shade, but it has a slightly lighter texture that makes it ideal for areas of drier skin. I use this around my nose area to cover redness and blend it out either with my finger or a RT Expert Face Brush. It doesn't have the highest coverage or the best staying power but it doesn't cling to dry patches either, making it perfect on days where no amount of moisturiser will come to the rescue. I don't personally mind touching this up slightly during the day if I need to, so I'd definitely recommend it as an option if you're looking for a more hydrating coverup.

Benefit Erase Pastethis is actually one of few high-end concealers that I've enjoyed using and probably the only one that I've ever been interested in repurchasing. I use the lightest shade which I initially worried would be too dark for me but it covers those pesky undereye circles like a dream. Applied with my ring finger, a tiny bit is all I need to erase signs of tiredness, stress and an overload of junk food. It has fantastic staying power too which is definitely an added bonus! I'm really keen to try the 'fake up' concealer from Benefit too and see how that compares.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer - this little compact usually sits in my handbag for covering up on the go. Included in the tiny package are two creamy concealer shades (one with pink undertones for around the eyes, one with yellow undertones for the rest of the face), setting powder, a miniature sponge and a handy little mirror inside the lid. I don't tend to get much use from the yellow toned side of the compact as the creamy texture makes it a little too heavy on top of spots and blemishes, but the pink side is ideal for busy days when my eyes need a little bit of perking up. I pat this into my skin with my ring finger, set it with a bit of powder and I'm good to go!

Lacura Beauty Concealer Pen - it's fair to say that most concealer pens I've tried have left me feeling less than impressed. There's something about the application and the way they're designed that leads me to consider them a bit of a messy, slap-dash option and this one is the only exception to that rule. Often regarded as a pocket-friendly dupe for the raved about YSL Touché Éclat, I use this to draw a triangle reaching from one corner of my eye to the other (a'la Kim Kardashian) and blend it out using my RT Contour Brush. The highlighting properties that this concealer has really lift and brighten my cheeks; adding some life and definition to my face on those dull skin days.

And there you have it, my ever expanding concealer collection whittled down to a few must haves. I'm really keen to try to Nars Creamy Concealer after hearing such amazing things about it too - what are your personal coverup picks?

Lacura Beauty Concealer Pen (£3.59)

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