Review | Origins 'Drink Up' Intensive Overnight Mask

Origins 'Drink Up' Intensive Overnight Mask - £20

As you can probably guess from the products I've been blogging about lately my evening skincare routine has undergone a few changes. After a winter that seemed to last a lifetime and battling a recent flare up of eczema, my skin was looking dull, drab and dehydrated... enter the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask!

When it comes to skincare I consider Origins as something of a good friend that I can always rely on to treat me well and come up with an effective solution no matter what my worries are. I've had my eye on this mask since the beginning of winter but only recently got around to purchasing it; now I definitely wish I'd have got my mitts on it sooner. At £20 for 100ml the bottle really will last for ages, taking the sting out of any potential debit card guilt. I use this twice a week (usually Sundays and Thursdays are my skin 'detox nights') and tend to apply it after using a clay-based mask for that extra boost of moisture. The mask itself is packed full of super hydrating ingredients and is incredibly natural; definitely making it one for those with sensitive skin that needs a bit of a pick-me-up!

A pea-sized amount of this massaged onto the skin as a final step in your routine is all you need. The instructions tell you to 'tissue off' any excess which I've stopped doing now as I find within 10 minutes or so it all sinks into my skin anyway - I put it on about half an hour before I plan to doze off and have never found that it leaves any kind if residue on my pillow which is a definite bonus! The scent of this is quite strong - it smells very fruity and is unlike any other mask I've used in terms of fragrance; not that it's a bad thing!

In terms of hydration this really does work incredibly well for me. I've heard people say that certain products make the skin appear more 'plump', but that's not a term I really understood until I used this. In the morning after the night before my skin is noticeably softer and the hydration has visibly been restored, giving me a more healthy complexion that lasts right up until I use the mask again. I'm renowned for not sticking to a basic skincare routine but I can definitely see this becoming a staple in my bedtime stash for a while to come - it's given my skin just the boost that it needed and continues to do so with every use; perfect!