My Current Face Mask Favourites

Sanctuary 5 Min Detox Mask - £10.50

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask - £20.00

I do love me a good face mask. Religiously, I make time twice a week to scrape my hair back, put on some Destiny's Child and give myself a nice long pamper - much to my boyfriend's dismay! I've always loved mixing up my own DIY masks but recently found that I had less and less time to do so, so I set about on my quest to find the perfect combination of shop-bought options. For my particular skin type I find that a charcoal mask followed by something super hydrating works best and whilst this is different for everybody it's definitely worth giving a try! 

I have combination skin that's super prone to breakouts so I always begin with a charcoal based mask to clear out any impurities and provide a super deep cleanse. Many high end brands stock masks with charcoal and clay in them and I've tried a hell of a lot of samples in my time, only to find that they all work similarly on my skin. For me, the Sanctuary 5 Min Detox Mask really cuts the mustard and is the perfect purse-friendly option. When applied to damp skin the mask self-heats, allowing the warmth to help pull any gunk to the surface of the skin. This has never left my face feeling remotely dry or tight either; something that can be a risk with masks like this. The best part is that it takes just 5 minutes for this mask to warm up, cool and work its magic on the skin (although I tend to leave it on for a good half an hour or so - I told you I love a pamper!) 

Next up I apply what is quickly becoming my holy grail of hydrating masks; the Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask by Origins. I'm pretty certain that everybody who owns or reads beauty blogs will have this on their radar by now and for a long time I was wary about whether it would live up to the hype, but believe me it does! My pale skin has a tendency to look dull and lacklustre, especially in the colder months (pretty much every month here in good old blighty!) Applied right before I go to sleep as the final step in my skincare routine, my skin literally appears to drink this stuff up overnight and I'm left with a visibly radiant, glowing complexion by morning; something which is no mean feat for my skin! If you're uhhming and ahhing about giving this one a go then I definitely nudge you in the direction of doing so, the bottle will last you a lifetime too (well, about 6 months but that's long enough!) 

Whilst I love using these two in unison at the moment I'm still on the lookout for even better masks and am sure I'll keep on changing up my routine regularly in the foreseeable future! For now though I'm satisfied with how much of a difference these have made to my complexion. I'd love to know what masks you guys recommend too!

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