The Music Edit #3

Eager eyed readers among you may have noticed that my blog url/theme/overall layout has changed - I'll be writing a post about why and explaining in a little more detail tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled! For now though, another music post!

Ohbijou - Thunderlove

I figured it seemed fitting to include this as it was the brains behind my new URL. I first heard it in a shop a little while ago and had to face the shame of getting my 'Shazam' app out on the spot, I fell head over heels with her voice immediately. It's an absolutely beautiful song that's helped me through some shit times (cliche, I know) and it's perfect for chilling out to.

Seabear - Hands Remember

I had to include something from this band as one of their other songs 'Owl Waltz' was the inspiration behind my old URL, something that I've been asked to explain a fair bit in the past! Hailing from Iceland, Seabear are one of those bands that I can sit and listen to for hours on end without ever getting bored. I don't think there's a single song on any album that I don't love, but the lyrics in this are just so beautiful it tips it into being my favourite ('Hands Remember' was also the song behind my Bebo URL back in the day... anyone spotting a theme here?)

Django Django - Waveforms

My boyfriend bought me tickets to see this band a couple of months ago and it was such an amazing night. 'Default' is probably the song they're most known for and whilst I do recommend checking it out I recommend having a listen to lots of their other stuff too as they have so much more to offer.
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