Palmers Cocoa Butter Daily Cleansing Gel

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Daily Cleansing Gel - £5.99

My love and adoration for cleansers doesn't seem to be fading any time soon and I've recently been picking them up like there's no tomorrow. Being a complete skincare novice when I started this blog, I've since become a little bit addicted to buying lotions and potions that all claim to do the same thing - I love it but my bank balance doesn't! After thinking that I'd finally found my holy grail high street cleanser the other week (read the review on Loreal's Cleansing Oil here) I've been trying out a few new ones just to make sure - it's only courtesy!

This Palmer's alternative has been lurking in my skincare basket for a while now but I hadn't gotten around to opening it until recently. Branded as a 'cleansing gel', the idea is that it foams up when it comes into contact with water, making it easy to create a rich lather and clear away any make up, dirt or impurities. I used to be an avid user of Palmer's skincare and I still trust it to this day; as a brand it reminds me of 'Simple' as they try to pack in as many natural ingredients as possible whilst maintaining a low price tag. This particular product is fragrance free too, making it an ideal option for those with more sensitive skin like myself.

I use this in the evening, massaging it into wet skin to create a lather. The gel itself is completely clear and doesn't have much of a smell to it; it's perhaps a little on the soapy side but it isn't all that noticeable. On the back of the bottle contains a chart that lists all of the beneficial ingredients used and how they work for the skin - something that really appealed to me as I love knowing what specific things do! I especially liked the fact that they've included Evening Primrose - an ingredient that not many high street skin care brands use but that really calms and soothes stressed out skin; perfect for me as mine has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately.

In terms of effectiveness it does a brilliant job at removing make up and cleansing the skin. I use micellar water to clean the eye area as this isn't suitable for that, but aside from this it works really well. Just two pumps of this is enough for my entire face and neck too, which is brilliant as I can predict that this bottle will last me ages. Despite being great at getting rid of all traces of impurities however, this cleanser isn't without it's down sides. After using this my skin feels quite dry and tight; something that it promises not to do but I was kind of expecting as the gel has quite a soapy scent. I have combination skin and tend to get a fair bit of dryness around my cheeks and nose - areas that I really need to pay special attention to when I moisturise after using this. Overall I don't have any massive hang ups with this but it hasn't impressed me enough to warrant a re-purchase once my current bottle is finished. For oilier skin types I don't really think you can go wrong, but if yours is verging on the dry side I'd advise you to stay away.

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