Maybelline Superstay 24hr Lip Colour

Maybelline Superstay 24hr Lip Colour in 'Rose Dust' - £8.99

After being on a hunt for a long lasting lipstick for what seems like forever, I decided to opt for a lipgloss instead. Much like Max Factor's famous 'Lipfinity' range, Maybelline's Superstay lip colours are comprised of a coloured gloss on one end of the pen and a clear moisturising balm on the other. I've tried Lipfinity before but have always found the formula too drying even when the balm is used over the top, so I was keen to see how the Maybelline option compared. 

The colour range of these is fairly good, although it does focus on the pink/brown end of the scale and some shades are very similar. As well as the lip colours there is the option of lipsticks from the same Superstay range which looked as though they may be more moisturising but the bold shades didn't appeal to me as much. I settled for 'Rose Dust' - a soft pinky brown with a hint of subtle shimmer. I'm a lover of any lip colour with a rose-related name so I figured I couldn't go too far wrong! I apply this to my lips and give the initial colour a minute or so to dry before applying the balm over the top for a much needed boost of moisture.

The application of this suits me fine. The whole idea is that the colour dries on the lips to keep it from budging so I knew what to expect and any discomfort is immediately gone once I slick a bit of balm on top. I was surprised to see that Maybelline have actually branded this is a '24hour lip colour' as it does seem like a bit of a push; I wouldn't expect any lip colour to last for 24 hours - in fact I'd probably be a little put off by it if it did! I find that when this applied in the morning it does tend to still be intact at the end of the day - but only just. Although this might annoy some people and it definitely doesn't live up to it's 24 hour name, it's perfect for me as it lasts alot longer than the half an hour time frame a lot of my favourite lippys seem to have and I don't have to struggle with getting it off at the end of the day.

In terms of the colour itself I'm fairly on the fence. Upon initial application it seems a lot darker than I had expected; something which seems to be a common theme with these dual-ended lip products. After an hour or so though I find that the colour mellows to a perfect deep rose shade - kind of 'your lips but better' but with an extra bit of punch. I do find that I need to keep applying the balm every few hours in order to keep my lips from looking too dry but obviously this is a much easier task than having to reapply my entire lip colour when on the move! I'm suitably impressed with this and I do like that it stays on all day, although I'm not 100% sure I'll be buying any more shades or even repurchasing this when it runs out. I pick this on days where I really want my make up to last and find it's perfect for nights out as no amount of food, drink or kissing seems to make it budge. For everyday use though I'm not all that taken by it. Whether it's the formula or just the colour itself I have issues with I'm really not sure - perhaps it's both! I just prefer something that looks and feels a little more natural I guess, but that's just me. I hate the shape of my lips so maybe I just have a problem drawing any attention to them - who knows. If you're after something that will truly stand the test of time I haven't come across many lippys that beat this, but if you're after something that makes your lips look gorgeous then I definitely have!

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