Bargain Beauty: Superdrug Vitamin E Oil

Superdrug Vitamin E Skin Oil - £2.99

To be fair practically every post I've written this month falls into the 'bargain beauty' category. My boyfriend and I are looking to get our first proper place together this Summer so that means more saving, less spending and definitely less splurging on high end cosmetics - boo! Keeping my eye on the pennies has had some benefits however, especially in terms of finding some real gems on the high street. I'm a big fan of mixing high end products with cheaper ones and as long as something works I generally couldn't care less about the price tag, but it is easy to get sucked into the belief that high end products are more effective and I've definitely been enjoying trying out some of the cheaper alternatives that I've overlooked in the past.

Packaged in a small beige bottle, Superdrug's Vitamin E Oil is easy enough to walk past without noticing when it's sitting on the shelves, but it's definitely worth hunting down on your next shopping trip. I adore facial oils despite having combination skin; I know it can seem a little daunting to actually massage oil into the skin, especially if yours is problematic in the first place, but it can actually help to balance out oil production. I shake a few drops of this onto my hand and massage it into my skin every night after cleansing but before moisturising. I have to admit that I go to bed with a face like an oil slick most nights BUT I read in a magazine recently that Beyonce does the same; if its good enough for Bey it's good enough for me!

With the stress of moving my skin has been looking really worse for wear lately. I have a lot of new blemishes cropping up and my complexion looks dull, tired and worn - not a good look! This has worked wonders at giving my face some much needed TLC, locking in moisture and hydrating it from within. I recommend using this in the evening only as it does take time to sink into the skin and therefore wouldn't work very well under make up, but I only want to use it once a day anyway. As well as being rich in Vitamin E, the clear oil is packed full of anti-oxidants and works wonders at protecting the skin from environmental damage. Since I started using it I've seen a definite difference in how bright and radiant my complexion looks and how easy it is to apply make up in the morning. A light, freshly fragranced product (it smells faintly of coconut which is a HUGE plus point in my books!), this doesn't feel as heavy on the skin as many other oils I've tried and 30ml of product for under £3 is stupidly good value, too! I'll continue to use this for as long as my skin continues to drink up the extra moisture; something that I don't expect will happen any time soon!