The £1 Benefit Dupe: Chit Chat Cheek Tint

Chit Chat Cheek Tint - £1

A few weeks ago I did a review of Chit Chat's 'High Light' - an almost identical dupe of Benefit's 'High Beam' (find that post here). At the same time I mentioned that I'd also picked up a cheek tint from the same brand, and here it is! Chit Chat is Poundland's very own range of cosmetics and it's not something that I'd ever given a go before despite being fairly open to trying things out from discount beauty brands. Nothing from the range had really caught my eye before until I spotted this little gem out of the corner of my eye. A rosey red liquid tint, it has an incredible likeness to Benefit's 'Benetint' which retails at a pretty hefty £24.50 so I was definitely interested in seeing how this compares!

My first impressions of this were surprisingly very good and unlike the highlighter I was fairly happy with the packaging. The cheek tint is packaged much in the same way as 'Benetint', coming in a bottle shaped much like nail polish. The brush itself is quite thin and a little bit stiff which I suppose might annoy some people but it doesn't bother me at all; I choose to apply this with my fingers so I hardly even notice it!

As I say, I apply this with my fingers using the 'big fat grin' method to focus the colour on the apples of my cheeks. Unlike a lot of cheek tints I've tried I find this incredibly easy to blend - there's none of that uneven colour business or any visible stains where the colour is more prominent than I'd like. When I first apply this is does tend to disappear slightly on my skin but it's easy enough to build up to an opacity you're happy with; usually about 4 coats for me. Although it does take a couple of layers of this to build up the kind of flush I want I feel like it looks incredibly natural and it feels completely weightless on my skin; definitely an added bonus! It doesn't leave me with the powdery residue that some blushers do and creates a beautifully healthy, sheer flush of colour against my pale complexion. The lasting power is good, although it may need to be topped up a little towards the end of the day which may be a pain as the tint itself is very runny and isn't the tidiest thing to apply on the go!

Overall I'm so so happy with this. It's actually recently earned a place in the everyday make up bag that I keep on top of my dressing table - demoting a few high end options to the bottom drawer! I've been using it on almost every 'lazy day' I've had since I got it as I just feel like it gives the perfect flush to my skin without looking to heavy or done. I still haven't purchased anything else from the Chit Chat range as I prefer to spend more on the other bits that they stock like foundation and mascara, with which I really believe you get what you pay for. The highlighter and cheek tint were both labelled as limited edition but they don't seem to be budging from my local store any time soon and I'll definitely be trying to pick up a couple more of each before they disappear!