Model's Own 'Fruit Pastel' Collection

As many of you know by now I'm somewhat of a nail polish fiend, but one of the very few brands I'm yet to try is Models Own. For me, most the shades just aren't all that appealing and recently I feel like the brand has become a little bit too 'gimmicky' if that's possible, with a lot of polishes offering different effects and finishes which isn't something I usually go for. Now I know what you're thinking, could it actually get more gimmicky than scented polish? Maybe not. But Models Own have gone ahead and created a range of nail polishes that promise just that; soft, pastel shades with a fruity scent to boot. The collection consists of five options, including  'Apple Pie', 'Strawberry Tart', 'Banana Split', 'Blueberry Muffin' and 'Grape Juice' - hungry, anyone?

The main thing that pulls me towards this collection is the fact that each shade comes with it's very own 'scratch and sniff' sticker which gives off the same scent as the polish itself. It's not the fragrance of the stickers that attracts me however, but the fact that by being placed on top of the polish lid it's easy to see which shade the bottle is when the polishes are in storage. Sad, I know, but these kind of things are important to nail polishes hoarders and I know I wont be the only one thinking the same thing!

In terms of the shades themselves I'm not really that excited. They're all very pretty but I just don't feel as though they're anything I haven't seen before; in fact I can almost guarantee that most high street brands will sell almost identical shades in their collections, let alone high end ones. The idea of them having a specific scent doesn't really appeal to me all that much either, although it might make my boyfriend a little happier as the smell of nail polish filling up our bedroom seems to be a common complaint! The polishes haven't formally been released yet but will be available online from March 20th and in selected Boots stores from March 22nd, retailing at £5 each. If you log on to the Models Own website you can also pre-order the whole collection for just £20, saving a fiver which is never a bad thing... for now I just have to decide whether I want the stickers enough to go ahead and purchase these!

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