March Beauty Favourites!

If you've subscribed to my Youtube channel then you'll probably be wondering exactly why I'm not doing this post in video form as I did last month. I've had a bit of a tough time filming and shooting lately because I'm lacking in a good quality camera; meaning that everything has to be done via my iPad which maybe isn't quite as good! The SLR will be back in my mitts come Wednesday though so I'm planning to film a monthly favourites towards the end of the week/next weekend but for now it'll have to be just written as I know it can be frustrating watching videos in less than perfect quality. Hopefully this image will do for now and the clarity of my photographs will also be back up to scratch in the next couple of days!

Percy & Reed 'No Oil' Hair Oil - I have to admit that when I first tried this I really wasn't a fan. Like many people I hunted it down as a free gift with 'Glamour' magazine and I couldn't wait to try it. I've realised that a little really does go a long way with this and whilst any more than a small pump weighs my hair down, just a light dab of this right on the tips of my hair keeps it looking full and healthy.  

Backcombing Brush - I owned one of these for a couple of years until it snapped a couple of months ago (put that down to my incredibly fine, knotty mane!) I'd never gotten around to buying another one which seems crazy as I got this for 99p on eBay - but since I finally took the plunge I can't work out how I ever lived without it.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair - This has been in my skincare kit for a fairly long time now but it had somehow found itself at the bottom of the pile over recent months. I've started using it religiously again now and I've seen such amazing effects; going to show that sometimes your skin needs a short break from products in order to really reep in the rewards! My skin feels soft, smooth and instantly more radiant after using this. It helps fade post-blemish scarring too!

Essie 'Luxedo' - After excitedly putting a range of my pastel polishes on display at the end of February I've found little opportunity to wear them this month. Instead I've tended to stick to this deep, rich purple that I wore all through winter - boo you weather! It's a gorgeous shade and one of my favourites from Essie though so I guess I can't really complain!

Urban Decay Naked Basics - I wrote a post on this yesterday so I won't go into too much detail! It's replaced my Dior palette as being my shadow of choice and all of the colours compliment each other perfectly - when I use them all at once I can get a really lovely look with this!

Tresemme Velvet Creme - I love this stuff! It doesn't work too well on dry hair but when a small amount is applied to damp locks it's perfect at giving hair texture and body. I apply this through the mid lengths and then usually leave my hair to dry naturally - this gives it the perfect amount of wave and stops freshly washed hair from feeling unmanageably clean.

Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara - I bought this at the beginning of the month and I don't think a day has passed since then that I haven't used it. A lovely mascara that lasts forever and gets my lashes looking full, long and separated in just one coat.

MUA Primer - After not using a primer at all this one has really captured my heart this month. It was the first I've tried and still surpasses many of its high end competitors that I've tried in terms of keeping my foundation locked in place. For under a fiver who can argue?!