MAC Rose Maiden Lipstick

 MAC Lipstick in 'Rose Maiden'

For a 'beauty blogger' (I use that term loosely) my MAC lipstick collection really is pretty measly. I can't even remember writing about any on my blog before so I figured it was about time I gave one of my favourites a mention; the frost-finished 'Rose Maiden'. This shade was actually bought out as part of a limited edition collection a little while ago now and has since been discontinued by the brand itself, but I've had a little snoop around before writing this post and it still seems to be pretty readily available online through sites like Amazon and sites that sell discounted beauty products. As I said before this is possibly my favourite MAC shade in my limited collection so it seemed fitting that it be the one I chose to write about!

'Rose Maiden' is a deep rose shade with a hint of frosted shimmer. Those of you who read my blog regularly will know by now that I'm not usually a fan of shimmery lipstick and tend to go for matte options, but this has just the right amount of shine for me without being too over the top. As with all MAC lipsticks I've tried the colour is really highly pigmented and has the trademark vanilla-esque scent. It's not the most long lasting of lipsticks but it fades pretty evenly and doesn't look hideous as it's doing so; something which definitely eases the pain of having to reapply once or twice through the day.

In terms of the colour itself I find it really hard to describe, which is exactly why I love it! It's a really flattering shade that sits somewhere between pink and coral with a hint of red to boot. I'm not a big fan of pink lipsticks at all but I find this surprisingly easy to wear; the perfect option for people who want to try a bolder, more stand out colour without looking like they've tried too hard. When wearing this in the daytime I tend to use it as more of a lip stain, applying one layer and then blotting/patting the colour into my lips to create a more subtle 'just bitten' effect. The colour is really easy to build up however and you can just as easily achieve a bolder finish depending on what look you're going for. I absolutely adore this lippy and frequently get complimented when I'm wearing it, I just hope my current bullet doesn't run out too soon!