The £1 Benefit Dupe: Chit Chat Highlighter

Chit Chat Highlighter - £1

Yes, that's right ladies. For the good of beauty blogging I recently ventured into a territory I have never ventured into before - Poundland's very own make up brand 'Chit Chat'. While I regularly pick up essentials such as baby oil and shampoo from the store I've always hurriedly made my way past the make up section - even before I became some what of a high end beauty snob. This highlighter caught my eye however as it bears such an obvious resemblance to Benefit's 'High Beam' which retails at a pretty hefty £18.50 for just 13ml. Sitting next to it was a cheek tint by the same brand that looked amazingly similar to Benefit's 'Benetint' - but more on that later!

I was actually far more excited about trying this out than I expected! After seeing Alix from icovetthee using the Benefit 'High Beam' as a primer all over the skin before foundation, I followed in her footsteps and did the same thing after cleansing and moisturising and was pleasantly surprised by the results. The only glaring downside was how spayed out and sparse the bristles on the brush were. This is something that definitely separated it from high end brands but once the product was applied on my face it didn't really bother me in the slightest anyway and hasn't put me off using it.

The formula itself comes out pretty thick and gloopy; something that I didn't really expect as I thought this would probably be more on the runny side. Once applied it gives a lovely, subtle glow that made my skin look a lot healthier than it usually does first thing in the morning!

I wouldn't say that I love this, nor would I say it's as good as the original, but for £1 I definitely wouldn't hesitate on buying it again and am even planning on stocking up on 3 or 4 bottles next time I'm in Poundland. Whilst this hasn't changed my opinion on the Chit Chat brand entirely and I can't imagine myself buying something as essential as foundation or mascara from them, I'll definitely be keeping my eye out in future for any other little dupes they're doing!

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