Tangle Teezer

 Tangle Teezer in 'Purple Glitter' - £10.99

I got my paws on some Amazon vouchers recently and I decided it was about time I FINALLY gave in to temptation and bought one of these little beauties. I've wanted one ever since they were first released a few years ago and I have literally no idea why it's taken me so long to get one; although the fact I had my heart set on the purple glitter model which seems to be forever sold out in my local Boots may have something to do with it!

The Tangle Teezer has become somewhat of a cult product within the blogger world, with it's unique long and short teeth promising the most effective, pain-free detangling results available. It's not just it's reputation that drew me towards the product however, it's the fact that I actually need to detangle my hair more than anyone could ever realise and I hate the task of doing it. Before I dyed my hair for the first time 2 years ago it was in almost perfect condition; long, smooth and I hardly ever used heat or chemicals on it. Since then it's been through a hellish regime of dying, bleaching, blow drying, cutting, growing, bleaching, backcombing, straightening, curling and yes, even more bleaching - all of which have left it in a far worse state. My hair is now pretty much back to it's natural shade but the build up of chemicals has led to the ends being dry, course and extremely prone to tangling. My hairdresser even told me that I had a pretty well formed dreadlock at the back of my head once - not what I've always dreamed of hearing! I can't tell you how many combs and brushes have broken or snapped at the hands of my knotted mane so I finally figured enough was enough!

I've been using this for a little while now and so far am really pleased with the results - none of the teeth have broken off yet either which is a massive bonus! I run this through my hair after washing it (the brush is suitable for use on wet and dry hair) and sometimes first thing in the morning if I wake up with a particularly roughed up 'do. Even when using this I don't like the idea of brushing my hair too much as I know the kind of damage it can do; particularly if your hair is weak and brittle from the effects of bleaching like mine is. I do find however that this smooths out any knots in the hair with minimal pulling and no pain whatsoever - hooray! The shape and design of the brush is also a lot easier to use than I would have initially expected it to be and the idea of it simply fitting into the palm of your hand gives me a stronger sense of control than most handled brushes do. It doesn't work miracles and turn my hair into a lusciously silky mane, but it definitely does the job it's designed to do. I'm planning on just growing all the damaged hair out and so am waiting for my roots to get long enough so that I can snip all the rest off, but my guess is that it's going to take a few years at least for that to happen. I hate the idea of having to get it cut short however, so I feel like this brush has really saved my bacon.
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