Lush 'BIG' Shampoo

 Lush 'Big' Sea Salt Shampoo - £11.25

I've been using this shampoo regularly for a good few months now so this post is long overdue! I don't usually mention the products I use on my hair very often but when it comes to Lush I just can't resist! This is actually the first and only Lush shampoo I've purchased. As I'm sure most of you know by now I easily get lured in to the idea of voluminous, messy hair and so this product seemed perfect for me. Packed with large chunks of sea salt, this really is one of a kind and promises to give your hair a finish as though it's been 'lifted on a sea breeze'.

The consistency of this shampoo is quite strange and nothing like I've used before. The product itself is quite thick and gloopy with large crystals of sea salt - the kind of thing I'm not used to massaging into my hair! The smell of this shampoo is absolutely DIVINE. Seriously, it's the scent that actually persuaded me to purchase this in the first place. I can't quite put my finer on exactly what kind of fragrance it is and it doesn't mention anything about it on the packaging but the ingredients do list both lemon and lime juice which might be it.

Smell aside, I was a little bit skeptical when I first began using this. Cautious about the damaging effects the sea salt might have on my hair, I begun by using just a small amount of this and not 'rinsing and repeating' as the packaging suggests you should. Once I started doing this however I noticed SUCH a difference. This isn't the kind of thing I'd expect to create a very good lather, but it absolutely does once it's mixed with water. It's one of the few shampoos I've used that literally makes my hair 'squeaky clean'; something which again really surprised me as I was expecting it to give my hair texture but maybe not work as well at actually cleansing my roots. I'm left with super shiny, smooth locks that aren't at all damaged or dried out by the heavy concentration of salt (I read somewhere it contains about 50% sea salt but I might be wrong - feel free to correct me if I am!)

In terms of giving my hair texture and volume I'm pretty on the fence. To begin with I was conditioning my hair like a mad woman after using this as I was so worried about how much it would dry out my locks, but I actually find that it's only if I skip conditioner completely that I begin to feel my hair being a little more textured. Volume wise it's ok; it does give my roots a little bit of lift but again it's nothing to get excited about and I could probably achieve similar results using far cheaper volumising shampoos.

Although I do love this shampoo and will definitely continue using it in the future, I actually feel as if I like it for the opposite reasons that I was expecting to. Instead of leaving my hair big, bouncy and textured like I thought it would it actually gives my hair a lot more shine and makes it softer and sleeker; not a bad thing, but definitely not what I imagined! Far from the sea salt drying out my scalp it also seems to have the opposite effect and leaves my hair and skin looking healthier than most other shampoos do. I'd actually go as far as to say I use this to give my hair a bit of a treat, rather than feeling guilty about using such a harsh product. I've been asked about whether I want to try the 'Big Conditioner' in store a lot recently and although I'm tempted, I can't really imagine myself buying anything else from the range.

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