Charity Shop Haul: Beauty Books!

A little bit of a different post today, but I thought I'd show you the first half of the collection of beauty books I've picked up from charity shops and second hand stores recently. Beauty books are something I never really showed much interest in until I recently made my way through a copy of 'Beauty' by Lauren Conrad. Never did I realise how handy they are and I've since built up a pretty varying collection that I head to for tips, tricks and easy  bedtime reading. 

The first I stumbled upon was the Bobbi Brown beauty book. This was sitting alongside 'Teenage Beauty' by the same author and I picked up both for around £2. Out of the two of them I definitely prefer the original version as I find the teenage one a little bit basic; although it would be perfect for anyone in their earlier teens who wants advice on the cosmetics they wear as well as how to deal with typical teenage problems such as braces, blemishes and the all important prom make up. Being 19 I didn't really find a lot of the chapters all that helpful, but I have loved looking through the adult version. Bobbi Brown is a huge inspiration to me and I love the way that she talks about individual beauty and making the most of what you've got as opposed to using make up to try and alter things. The chapter about how to turn your 'flaws' into your most intriguing feature definitely helped build confidence about my big eyes, thin lips and naturally bushy brows! The book is full of helpful hints and tips not just about the material side of make up and the cosmetics world, but also about ways to improve your own self confidence and find a true beauty within yourself. It all sounds a little bit 'fluffy' but it's such a good read and has definitely had the desired effect on me!

I actually picked up 'The Handbag Beauty Bible' by Josephine Fairley yesterday for £1 but I've fallen quickly in love with it! Unlike the Bobbi Brown book, this mentions specific products and rates them out of 10 in different categories. Even though the book was originally released in 2006 I feel as though it's still really relevant and I love the way that all of the ratings have actually been averaged from the opinions of real women and beauty lovers. With chapters on everything from loose powders and cream blushers to tweezers and nail polish removers this really is a bible for those looking to shake up the products in their make up bag. There's even a really handy guide on how to slim down the amount of products you own and keep to the everyday essentials. Not just a product guide, the book includes tips on things like how to apply different products for different looks and how to generally enhance your make up routine - perfect! There's also a great balance of high end and high street products which is great as I love to flit between the two.

'The Complete Beauty Book' is actually made up of chapters on all the different areas of beauty; not just the cosmetics side. With advice and how-to's on skincare, haircare, exercise and your diet (the section explaining exactly how different foods can have a positive effect on your appearance is especially interesting) there's something inside for everyone. I picked this up for just 49p as I think it's originally from one of those collectors magazines and doesn't actually have an official author. I find it really interesting though and I love how it does go in to the less obvious aspects of beauty.

Overall I'm really happy with what I've found and am definitely a beauty book convert! Some can be really expensive though so I really do recommend rummaging through the charity shops to begin with; most have HUGE book sections and you really can find some hidden gems if you look hard enough - after all, books on beauty and cosmetics probably aren't what the average second hand shopper is looking for! I'm thinking about doing a post on some of the other bargains I've picked up soon too - for a charity shop addict I really don't bang on about them enough on my blog; watch this space!