Sachajuan SPF Mousse

Sachajuan SPF Mousse - £18.00 £2.99

I bought this in yet another Fragrance Direct haul last week. Out of everything beauty related hair is probably the thing I mention least on my blog; mainly because I absolutely hate mine! Because of this I don't really spend much time or money on my hair at all, nothing I do seems to make it look right so I just give up in the end! The past couple of weeks however I've set myself the goal of doing something about it and actually getting my hair looking a little like it used to. For years I wouldn't go without hair mousse but recently I've got so lazy and haven't actually been using anything on it at all, so I figured my first step would be finding some everyday products that I really like.

Sachajuan is a brand I've heard of but haven't really known that much about in the past. Most of their haircare retails at around the £20 mark which is more than I usually like to spend on my hair, but when I saw this going so cheap online I thought I'd take the plunge and risk falling in love with the brand! It might seem a little optimistic going for a hair mousse that has an SPF considering my area of England is almost completely covered in snow, but I'm always after things that will help to protect my hair from the elements. It's been extremely damaged in the past by dye, bleach and various chemicals so it needs as much protection as it can get! Sachajuan describe this mousse as being able to 'increase shine and bounce without added weight' and promotes the use of 'ocean silk technology' as well as an effective UV filter.

I apply a golf-ball sized amount of this to towel dried hair before blow drying and have so far been happy enough with the results, although I'm not quite sure it justifies the original £18.00 price tag. My hair does feel soft and definitely has a subtle amount of added volume, but it's not really any different to the kind of results I've gotten when using high street brands in the past. In terms of the SPF I don't feel as if I'm able to give an opinion yet, but I do definitely like the idea of my hair being protected as hopefully it will prevent my colour fading; especially in the summer months when the sun is shining a little brighter! My hair is left soft, bouncy and this holds my style well, but again it's nothing really that different to cheaper alternatives on the market.

For £2.99 this mousse is definitely worth it and I will continue to use it; probably even repurchasing if I still manage to find it at this price as it does have the added benefit of SPF protection. I wouldn't purchase at it's original RRP however because I just don't know if it's worth it, there are definitely versions out there that offer extremely similar results at a fraction of the price.
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