Pinch, Punch, The First Day Of The... Year?

Jumping on the bandwagon slightly with a new year themed post (well, what else is there to talk about on January 1st?) To keep it short and sweet I hope you all had a lovely new year and it's so far started well for you. For me the new year passed by pretty quietly; I did things a little differently this year and me and my wonderful boyfriend headed off for a NYE curry night with just some quiet drinks afterwards - perfect. To be honest I'm not a big new years fan at all so it was nice to just chill out for a change and watch everyone else have a rotten hangover this morning instead!

In terms of saying goodbye to 2012 I really wasn't that sad at all. Last year wasn't very good for me and I was pretty glad to see the back of it! Although on paper my life changed entirely when I finished college, moved away from home and started living with my boyfriend, to me it just seemed like the most boring year on record! I also became really ill in July which was something I never really felt I got over, so I'm glad to finally be able to say that it's all in the past now. For once I actually have big plans for this year and a hell of a lot of determination to make it better than the last. My goals include finding a new job, finally making the decision about whether or not to go to University, getting myself a little bit fitter, beating my anxiety and making a go of blogging on a more regular basis. I only started blogging in the summer of this year as a way to take my mind off other things that were going on, but it's turned into a pretty serious hobby of mine. I've even bought myself a scrapbook in order to organise my ideas and thoughts for posts a little better and (hopefully) be a little bit more creative in the types of posts I produce. I love blogging and chatting to people so it's definitely something I want to continue. And who knows, I might be posting something very similar to this on new years day 2014!