Essie 'Stylenomics' & 'No Chips Ahead'

Essie 'Stylenomics' - £7.99
Essie 'No Chips Ahead' - £8.99

I was an extremely lucky girl this year and got a pretty wide and varied collection of Essie polishes from my boyfriend over Christmas. I'm slowly but surely trialling them all and today I thought I'd do a quick review of one of my overall favourites; Stylenomics, as well as their top coat 'No Chips Ahead'.

Stylenomics arrived as part of Essie's A/W 2012 collection and is branded by the company as a rich and wealthy dark green creme. I've tried a few Essie polishes before now and I have to say that out of all of them this has to be the easiest to apply. The formula is just perfect and it glides onto my nails to give a smooth, shiny coat with minimum effort (it has one of the newer 'wide brushes' which I still adore!) Shade-wise I've heard pretty mixed reviews about this. I first applied the polish and night and was a little disheartened by the lack of green hues it gave off; to me it almost looked black. Once I woke the next morning though I was pleased to see how gorgeous the colour looks in natural daylight and the green definitely became more apparent. This is an extremely dark green so I think it just depends what light you're looking at it in! I've grown to adore this shade though and I can already predict it will be my go-to colour for the remainder of winter. In the image below I used two thin coats of this and achieved an opaque, glossy finish that I'm really pleased with!

Also in my stocking this year was Essie's 'No Chips Ahead'; a clear top coat that promises to be chip free. I actually didn't intend to include this in the review to begin with but my laziness took over and I didn't manage to take the above picture of Stylenomics until 5 days after I painted my nails. Threrefore I definitely felt it was worth a mention as I can't believe how well the colour has lasted! I always finish off my nails with a layer of top coat to add shine even though I don't necessarily think it helps to prevent chips, but I'm really impressed with Essie's polish. As with Stylenomics, this left me with a shiny, smooth finish that I'm really impressed with and I'm so pleased that it actually works at sealing in my nail colour for longer. I'm really happy with this and will definitely continue to use it. For me this is fast-drying, easy to use and it does what it says on the tin. My nails have started to chip now we're on day 6 but you can't expect any product to perform miracles; perhaps it's natures way of telling me to stop being so lazy and actually re-paint them!