Bargain Beauty #1

As you've all probably worked out by now I admit to having an almost unhealthy addiction to all things beauty related. No matter how many products I buy I don't think I'll ever get over the search for perfection and that 'holy grail' product every blogger is dying to discover. The only problem is that buying product after product can become a pretty expensive habit; a habit that at 19 years old I can't really afford to fund! Therefore I spend a crazy long time searching for beauty products at bargain prices and there are certain places I keep returning to and have begun to really know and trust. SO I figured I'd start doing the odd post about some of the hidden shops/websites that are great for those who want beauty on a budget. Most of you will have probably heard of a lot of the places I talk about already, but I just figured some of you might be interested in case you haven't (even if you have there's nothing wrong with a gentle reminder is there?)

First up is one of my go-to beauty sites; Fragrance Direct. This is a site that is already pretty known on the blogging scene and it's become somewhere that I check on a regular basis. Although they primarily offer discounted fragrances they stock a lot of skincare, haircare and cosmetics too. Like many of these kind of sites, Fragrance Direct stocks a lot of products that for whatever reason have been discontinued by the big brands. Sometimes you can see why they're no longer sold on at full price (ahem) but in my experience a lot of the time there's very little wrong with them. Often a brand will simply bring out something new and something old has to get the elbow, even if it's still a perfectly good product (think the circle of life; beauty-style!)

Essie Nail Polish - £7.99 £1.99 SAVING: £6.00
Essie is always the first brand I look at on the site as you can get your hands on some of the shades Boots and Superdrug no longer stock. I bought 'Bikini So Teeny' and 'A Crewed Interest' on the site last week but these seem to have sold out now (boo!) They still have plenty of gorgeous colours available and are constantly refreshing their stock and adding new shades to the site so keep an eye out!

Decleor Aromessence Ylang Ylang Night Balm - £53.00 £33.25 SAVING: £19.75
Parisian skincare giant Decleor are a brand I've always wanted to try but have never quite managed to bring myself to spend £50+ on one bottle. FD has lots of Decleor products available for all kinds of skin types at bargain prices.

Macadamia Healing Oil Spray - £14.90 £6.49 SAVING £8.41
I began using Macadamia Oil on my hair a year or so ago and was really impressed with the results - until I knocked the bottle over and spilt it all over the floor. Although it's a more affordable alternative to Morrocan Oil it's still pretty pricey so I'll definitely be turning to this site to stock up in the future! There's all sorts of Macadamia Oil products at super cheap prices.

OPI Nail Lacquer - £13.95 £5.99 SAVING: £7.96
I know I wrote about Essie nail polish already, but Fragrance Direct's OPI offerings are well worth a mention too. I love OPI but they don't seem to stock them in many shops near me so I always end up purchasing online. FD has a massive range of OPI shades available for less than half the price they were originally sold at and swatches are more than easy to find on google images if you're unsure of the exact colour.

Elizabeth Arden Double Density Mascara - £22.00 £6.99 SAVING: £16.01
I've been using this mascara for a while now - god knows why they discontinued it! It's amazing to be still able to get my mitts on it at such a discounted price. Jet black, dense, voluminous lashes for under a tenner (full review here).

Tangle Teezer Brush - £10.50 £8.99 SAVING: £1.51
This has been on my wishlist for what seems like forever but I just never get around to purchasing one when I see them in Boots; I even stuck it on my Christmas list but it wasn't to be! This isn't a huge discount but every penny counts, right? They have a massive range of colours and styles so it's definitely worth checking out - especially if your hair is as knot-prone as mine.

Essie 'Stylenomics' & 'No Chips Ahead'

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