Rio Beauty Celebrity Brow Define

The ever so lovely people over at Rio Beauty got in contact with me recently and asked me to review their Celebrity Brow Define kit. Being slightly obsessed with creating the perfect brows I of course accepted and was really impressed when the kit arrived. I've tried heaps of eyebrow kits and eyebrow make up before but I've never come across one that packs quite so much in. 

The brow kit comes in an easy to carry box and contains 3 brow pencils and brushes, 3 eyebrow powders, a brush, an eyebrow shaper and 10 eyebrow stencils. There's also a useful instruction booklet to help you create the perfect brows that will compliment and frame your face.

Over the past few days I've had loads of fun experimenting with this kit; my eyebrows have been looking a little worse for wear lately so it couldn't have come at a better time! The instruction booklet begins by teaching you how to shape your eyebrows in a way that'll flatter you best. I'm generally quite happy with the shape of my brows but I followed the instructions anyway and it really did help to tidy mine up a little. The eyebrow stencils included in the set are incredibly easy to use and with 10 there's lots of different shapes and styles to choose from. In order to shape your eyebrows, you simply choose one of the 10, place it so that the top is level with the upper arch of your natural brows and draw a line with one of the pencils, indicating where to begin shaping. Once you've got your brows to a shape you're satisfied with simply cleanse away the pencil line and voi-la!

I chose Stencil 2 as I feel it was the most suited to my natural brow shape and was really impressed with how easy it was. The eyebrow shaper included in the kit is something I haven't really come across before, it's simply an angled blade that you 'sweep' over the area of unwanted hairs in order to groom your brows without such a big need for plucking or waxing. I did give this a try and found it worked moderately well, although you definitely don't get as smooth a finish as you do when plucking so I soon returned to that method. You're supposed to then align the stencil back up with your eyebrows and use the brush and powder to fill in the shape, but being relatively experienced with filling in my eyebrows I just did this step freehand. 

Included in the kit are three eyebrow powder shades; blonde, brown and charcoal. Having dark blonde hair I followed the advice in the booklet and blended the blonde and brown powders, something which was easy to do and I eventually found a shade that matches my brows really well. As with most eyebrow kits I've tried it does leave me with a pot of powder that I don't need but my advice is to use this as eyeshadow instead! The brush included in this kit is actually of a really good quality, with sturdy bristles and an angled shape for easy application of powder to the eyebrows. 

I'm really happy with the way my eyebrows looked after using this. Before they were in a little bit of a state but I love the way this kit has given them a more clean, defined shape than they've had over the past couple of weeks. I have really high maintenance eyebrows so it's definitely a big help! 

Overall I'm super impressed with this and will definitely continue to use it. The only hang up for me is that with such a big kit I have ended up with quite a few things I won't necessarily ever find a use for; but it's better to have too much than too little! I'd recommend this to anybody looking to 'make over' their eyebrows as it's definitely an affordable alternative to regularly having them professionally done. Although the eyebrow shaper doesn't suit me personally it also makes this kit ideal for anyone who's a little squeamish when it comes to having their brows plucked or waxed.