Pantene Pro-V 12 Hour Night Therapy

Pantene Pro-V 12h Night Therapy - £1 (prices vary)

As I've mentioned time and time again on my blog my hair has been to hell and back since I left high school two years ago. With constant dying, cutting, bleaching, stripping and backcombing it hasn't really known whether it's coming or going and although I've FINALLY got it back to my natural colour evidence of the damage I've done can still be found by closely looking at its overall condition. I'm forever keeping my eyes peeled for products which promise to restore my hair to it's previous glory and this jumped out at me as a potential must-have on a recent trip to Poundland of all places. You can never be sure with Poundland whether or not your local store will stock certain products (I know mine has run out of bottles of this already and they were in stock less than a fortnight!) so I've done my research and it seems easy enough to find online for just a little more money than I paid.

The main thing that drew me in with this is it's branding as an 'Oil Replacement Lotion'. My hairdresser tells me that the main reason my hair gets so knotty and tangled is because the various products I've used on it have slowly stripped it of all it's natural oils; leaving me with hair that's dry, brittle and prone to forming mini-dreadlocks overnight. I've used some hair oils in the past and have been reasonably impressed with the results, however the mess of applying hair oil overnight put me off slightly and I haven't got round to using any for a while. 12h Night Therapy is actually a lotion rather than an oil and three or four pumps of this is enough to coat the lengths of my hair. The pump itself keeps mess to a minimum (although it does seem to squirt out in all directions sometimes but that might just be my bottle) and it's easy to control exactly how much you want to use depending on the length/condition etc of your hair. As promised the lotion leaves no residue on the bedding and it soaks into the hair well enough for me to feel comfortable sleeping with it up in a simple ponytail while this works it's magic.

In terms of effectiveness I'm relatively happy with this. It doesn't perform miracles but after frequent use my hair definitely feels softer, smoother and is less prone to knotting itself together while I sleep. Although I don't feel the results can be compared to premium hair oils (Moroccan Oil for one) for the price I really do think this is an awesome product. My hair isn't particularly frizz-prone but any kinks are smoothed and my hair feels slightly thicker and more manageable after this is applied.  The directions for use printed on the bottle are relatively minimal but I've found it works best applied on dry hair and left overnight if you're then washing the hair in the morning. This gives it time to take effect without risking weighing the hair down; I coat my hair in this stuff and it doesn't really bother me as I can get it out the next day! This can be applied to damp hair too if you wish and I sometimes apply one or two pumps before blowdrying to give my ends an extra bit of shine. For the price I wouldn't hesitate to repurchase this. It's a simple and easy go-to product to help repair everyday damage and for £1 I don't think you could ask for much more!

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