MAC Harmony Blush

MAC Powder Blush in 'Harmony' - £17.50

The latest addition to my ever-growing MAC collection is this gorgeous blush that my brother kindly left for me under the Christmas tree. It's the first blush by MAC that I've owned and I decided to go for 'harmony' as it seemed like a fairly safe place to start! I have incredibly pale skin so finding blush with bronze hues is a nightmare for me because most just look orange against my fair complexion so I've been looking for something to subtly contour with.

I apply this using my Real Techniques Contour Brush in soft circular motions along my cheekbones and I've used it everyday without fail since I got it; something which is high praise from me! I love the fact that I've finally been able to find a powder shade that works with my skintone to add a flattering level of warmth instead of just leaving me with an overdone, orange mess. The formula means this is incredibly easy to build too - I actually use two coats of this on each cheek just to add a little more definition. I've been faithful to my pink-toned blushes for too long now so this makes a lovely change and I'll certainly continue to use it in the future. 

This is probably one of the more expensive blushes I own but the price really wont put me off buying more from the collection. For such a versatile product I think £17.50 is really reasonable; considering it can be used as both a blusher and a contouring powder. I use this over the top of a little highlighter to give my skin a warm glow that I love; especially in the winter and I'd definitely recommend this as a spot on bronze tone for those with fair skin!