Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Creme

Dior Capture Totale Multi-Perfection Creme - £95.00/50ml

I got this little gem as a free gift in Majorca on one of my Sephora splurges (I DIDN'T spend £100 on a face cream, don't panic!) but with Christmas coming up I figured people may be interested in a review of a more luxury skincare product. Dior Capture Totale Creme is branded much like a moisturiser and should be used like one; applied to the skin morning and night after all of your other skincare is taken care of. The creme promises to be anti-aging and super hydrating; something which only half appeals to me at 19 years old! It's one of those products which promises to do it all, which made me slightly sceptical but I figured I'd give it a good go as it was a freebie.

The first thing I noticed about this creme was the smell. For such an expensive product I was really disappointed; the floral fragrance doesn't appeal to me at all and actually smells a little bit like vomit to me (sorry but it does!) My boyfriend loves the smell though so I guess that's something that's just down to personal taste!

The creme is a light pink colour and has a fairly nice consistency; not as thick as I was expecting but it's easy to apply and sinks into the skin fairly well. I've been using this regularly at a time when my skin is going through a stage of being particularly dry and flaky in some areas. The promise of a hydrating creme really appealed to me but to be honest I don't feel as though it's made very much difference at all; I've now run out of the creme and I didn't see much improvement in the dullness and overall dehydration of my winter skin. Obviously at 19 I can't really talk about the effect this has had on my fine lines and wrinkles but I haven't noticed that any of the other promises this creme makes have really had an effect on my skin either. In terms of providing comfort, suppleness and hydration to the skin I don't feel that this does any better job than many of the more affordable alternatives I've tried. 

If you're after after a run of the mill moisturiser I can't see much wrong with this (apart from the price, of course!) but I would definitely have reservations about coughing up so much money for it. The promise of one product that does everything can easily pull you in but for me it just doesn't do any of those things well enough to justify the price.

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