Skinetica Anti-Blemish

Skinetica Anti-Blemish Solution - £9.99/100ml

I've had blemish prone skin for years now so I'm always on the lookout for new products that come out claiming to help clear up any break outs. Finding solutions that work for me is particularly difficult because I don't have the 'normal' teenage problem of oily skin; instead my skin is pretty normal and even verges on being really dry in some areas. Most acne treatments on the market therefore don't work for me as they assume any blemish prone skin must just be overly oily and therefore include products that aim to try the skin out - a massive no-no for me! Skinetica intrigued me because of it's claim to be kind to skin and have no side effects. I actually included it in my Caring For Blemish Prone Skin post a few weeks ago but I've noticed certain differences in it's effectiveness since then so I thought it deserved it's own post after all!

The first thing I noticed about this was how 'chemically' it smells despite promising to be natural and kind to the skin. I don't really know what kind of scent I was expecting, but the strength of this really surprised me! I've been applying this to my face religiously for over a month now; saturating a cotton pad in the liquid and smoothing it over my skin morning and night. Skinetica isn't drying and does actually feel quite soothing and almost refreshing once it's applied. As promised it's a quick drying formula that doesn't irritate the skin and make up/moisturiser can be easily applied almost straight after using it.

In terms of how the lotion actually works, I'm a lot more on the fence about it's effectiveness than I was a few weeks ago. To begin with I did notice slight differences in my skin. Breakouts were less frequent and any blemishes I did have seemed to fade a little quicker than usual, meaning that although I didn't see particularly fast acting results as I was promised, I was keen to continue using it and hoped for the best! Over time though this feels as though it's been less and less effective on my skin. Every time I felt as though this was helping to clear things up another little cluster of spots would flare up and no matter how much I applied this I didn't find that there was any difference in size/redness to my spots without this treatment.

I know a lot of people have had super positive experiences with this and it's important to remember that there's really no universal cure for acne prone skin; something that didn't make a difference for me might be hugely effective for you and vice-versa. For me though I just don't feel that this was worth the money at all, especially for a product that runs out incredibly quickly if you use it as often as you're instructed to. The quest for a treatment that really helps for me continues!

What are your experiences with Skinetica? Do you have any anti-blemish favourites and/or tips?

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