Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

 Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch - £5 from eBay (sample size) Full size - £25

As I'm sure I've mentioned before on my blog primer really isn't my thing. Any type of skincare at all isn't my thing really, but in a desperate bid to change that and start taking better care of things I've been on the hunt for some base products that will help to improve the look and texture of my skin before make up is applied.

I'd known about Clarins Perfecting Touch for a long time but never really thought of using it as a primer as such. Having heard such good things about it I decided to take the plunge and purchase some. As with most products I played on the safe side and decided to buy a sample pot from eBay before forking out five times the price for the real thing - perfect if I was to decide that it really wasn't worth the hype! The sample pot I got contains 4ml of product, which sounds like a teeny amount (and believe me, it looks it too!) I've been using this on and off for over a week now though and have barely even made a mark in the top of the product - a little really does go a long way with this! 

First things first, this smells gorgeous! The cream itself is a light pink colour that appears completely clear when applied to the skin. I can't really describe the scent of this at all but there's something about it I really like; mainly the fact it's lightly fragranced and doesn't come across over powering like so many similar products I've used before.

The packaging states that this should be massaged in to areas of skin that have fine lines, wrinkles or noticeable pores; none of which I personally suffer with. Instead I apply this to my entire face before make up and I find that it does work as a super effective base. This makes my skin feel baby soft instantly and I would definitely agree that it has instant smoothing effects. My skin looks fresher, purer and it provides a smooth enough base for make up application to be a breeze; definitely a bonus!

When using this I feel confident that my make up will stand the test of time and definitely wont hesitate in coughing up £25 for a full size tub once my sample has run out (although I can't see that happening any time soon!) I'm gradually trying to ease myself into an daily routine when it comes to looking after my skin and this is definitely going to become a part of it; no more slathering my face in make up first thing in the morning with little/no preparation beforehand!

What are some of your favourite base products?

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