Aussie Luscious Long/Dual Personality

Luscious Long Leave In Conditioner - £4.99
Dual Personality Texturising + Conditioning Spray - £4.89

My hair has been to hell and back over the past couple of years so I'm always on the lookout for affordable products that actually make a noticeable difference to it's overall appearance and condition. Aussie is a high street brand I trust and continually go back to. Their range is diverse enough to suit almost any hair type/problem, it's stocked in most supermarkets and chemists in the U.K so it's easily accessible AND if you shop around enough you'll usually find somewhere that has it on offer so it's super affordable. What more could you ask for?!

Luscious Long Leave In Conditioner - One of the main hair complaints I have is its uncontrollable desire to knot, matte together and generally turn into a birds nest overnight. Years of dying, bleaching and back-combing my hair have left it seriously damaged and the vast amount of product residue left has weakened my hair to the point where in the space of a few hours it creates 'clumps' that are almost impossible to comb through. Until I discovered this product I imagined myself spending hours combing my hair through in sections every night; either that or I'd have to take the plunge, cut off all the dead stuff and start again! For such a reasonably priced product this really has made a huge amount of difference though. It smells gorgeous (I can't really describe the scent, it's quite fruity and just 'fresh' smelling!), is easy to spray evenly and is perfect for long, overworked locks like mine. I have a bit of hair OCD and have to wash it at least five or six times a week so this is great for me as a quick spritz when I step out of the shower and I find my mane instantly easier to comb through and style. It leaves my hair feeling well conditioned and I've never found it weighs it down or makes it greasy; something that a lot of de-tangling products I've tried in the past have done. I've had this bottle since February (I remember because I bought it on a friends birthday, not because I have a strange ability to remember the age of certain hair products..) Considering how often this gets used though I'm really impressed with how long it's lasted me; I'm only just reaching the end of this and I'll definitely be repurchasing it ASAP.

Dual Personality Texturising + Conditioning Spray - I got this super cheap in Superdrug a few months ago now and to be honest I'm pretty glad I didn't pay full price for it. I initially purchased it because I was looking for a product to take on holiday with me that would help me get rough, beachy waves and the mention of Sea Kelp extract pulled me in instantly. Unlike most sea salt sprays this doesn't leave my hair feeling dry or straw-like which is a massive plus; but it doesn't provide me with a great deal of added texture either. My hair wasn't any more manageable than usual and although its conditioning properties didn't dry my hair out to the extent I expected it too, my hair wasn't well conditioned enough to make up for the lack of difference this product made. I did a post a little while ago about a DIY Sea Salt Spray recipe and I find that I actually like the home made version a lot more!

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