MAC Khol Liner Review

MAC Eye Kohl in 'Smolder' - £14 

One of the latest additions to my ever-growing collection of MAC products is their classic eye kohl pencil in 'Smolder'. Eye kohls are something that rarely get mentioned in reviews (at least by me) but they're such a fundamental part of my make up bag and I've tried so many over the years I think I've got a fair grasp on sorting the good from the bad by now!

The kohl liner is described as being an 'intense black' - something that really appealed to me as I tend to use a brown eyeliner pencil in the day but was looking for something to help me create a more dramatic look come evening time or for special occasions. As far as liner pencils go this is the most expensive that I've ever tried and I was actually a bit disappointed with the colour. It's black, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't exactly describe it as being 'intense'. Whether it's the texture of the pencil itself or not, for me it almost appears a little bit wishy-washy but that could just be me! I'm in no way an expert at applying eyeliner so I tend to stick to the fail safe method of applying it just to my upper and lower waterlines and smudging it softly to get a less 'done up' look. I found this pencil pretty easy to apply, although I have found ones on the highstreet that I feel 'glide' better across the skin (Max Factor's being one of my favourites!) The liner does stay put all day though which for me is a massive bonus as I'm not someone who likes the carry cosmetics around with me to reapply/touch up during the day. 

I feel like this is a welcome addition to my make up bag and it definitely does it's job at adding definition to the eyes, but I don't think I'd be in a huge rush to go out and purchase it again once it's used up. For £14 I really didn't see much difference between this and more cost-effective brands - if anything I've been more impressed by cheaper versions in terms of colour and texture. Compared to most other pencils I've tried this one does stand out in terms of size though; you do get a lot of product and I can't see mine running out any time soon which definitely eases the guilt about spending so much on a pencil!

Which eye kohl is your favourite?

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