Essie 'Not Just A Pretty Face'

I've been looking for a nude polish for absolutely ages but haven't really been sure where to begin! I'm a huge hoarder of nail polish but I tend to stick to pastel brights in summer and dark, autumnal tones in winter; meaning that a nude polish has never been of much interest to me! It's looked so good on other people though and I love the idea of layering glitter polishes over the top for a more glamorous feel, so I picked this little gem up on a recent trip to Boots.

Essie 'Not Just A Pretty Face' - £7.99

'Not Just A Pretty Face' is a gorgeous pale pink shade - very subtle and perhaps verging on being too pink to be called a true nude polish. Essie's signature wide brush means that it's an absolute dream to apply; although I did find myself needing at least 3 coats of this to take it to a level of opaque that I was happy with. As with all Essie polishes however it's really great quality and is pretty chip-resistant. 

The shade is lovely and would perhaps suit those with darker skin tones than mine a little better. I like this polish in that it makes a nice change from the colours I usually pick but I can't see it replacing my deep greens and burgundys over the coming winter months!