Collection 2000 Cream Puff Review

Collection 2000 Cream Puff in 'Fairy Cake' - £2.99

On a recent Boots splurge I picked up this little gem in their current '2 for 1' beauty offer. At just £2.99 this ended up being the cheapest of all the products I bought so it was one of the ones I actually picked up for free. I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these for ages but for whatever reason have never got around to it. It's branded as a 'lip cream' and falls somewhere between lip gloss and lip stick in terms of texture and consistency. It promises a 'velvety soft, matte finish' and I picked up the medium-pinkish shade 'Fairy Cake', although there are actually four shades to choose from.

As I say, 'Fairy Cake' is a pink shade which isn't normally a colour I go for. On my lips I tend to prefer coral or plum tones, but seeing as this was so cheap I figured I'd take the plunge and try something new! There's not a great deal of different shades to choose from and unless you love your nude/pink tones you're pretty much stuck with this product!

Cream Puff is incredibly easy to use and glides on to the lips gorgeously. It doesn't have any particular scent (which suits me fine!) and I find that if I use the wand to apply the product and then use my finger to gently pat in any excess it does give me a lovely, matte flush of colour. Although the lip cream looks pretty pink in the tube it actually turned out a little more subtle than I was expecting which again suits me just fine. I don't like very bold colours on my lips as I find they just look odd on such a pale complexion but I feel that the coral tones in this actually compliment fair skin really well. I'd say the staying power of this is fairly average. It doesn't last all day but I wouldn't expect it to for the price and it's such a lovely product to apply that touching it up during the day really doesn't bother me too much!

I'll definitely keep using this to give my lips a gentle flush of colour in the day time. The only disappointing thing about this is the limited shade range; something which means I can't imagine myself buying any more as the other colours just don't really appeal to me! 'Fairy Cake' isn't a colour I'd ever imagine myself wearing but I've grown to quite like the shade on my lips and for the price I wouldn't have any problems repurchasing this one once my first tube is finished.