17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer Review

 17 Photo Flawless Skin Primer - £4.99

I picked this up the other day after the last of the primers I've been using up until now finally ran out. Primers are one area of the cosmetics world that I'm really not all that interested in and don't know that much about. The market seems to have suddenly become flooded with them and I really have no idea where to start looking! I settled for this because it's one of the few high street versions I haven't tried and it seems to have been fairly well reviewed in the past. (I was a bit naughty and bought the Clarins Instant Perfect Touch as a back up too - review on that one coming soon!) Judging by the packaging the primer has two main promises: prolonged foundation wear and a minimised appearance of pores.

The primer comes in an easy to use tube, which is perfect for controlling the amount of product I need to use. It's a relatively thick gel-type liquid but is disappears as soon as it begins to be rubbed into the skin. When applied it gives my skin a lovely velvet texture; something that I haven't found can be matched with any of the other high street versions I've tried. The primer doesn't have any particular scent (yay!) and gives my skin a subtle glow - something which is a really important element for me in any kind of skin base.

In terms of the products two main promises I can certainly agree with the first. My make up stays put all day with this and I really haven't had any problems with oil or exaggerated dryness which is great. To be honest my pores have never been at all visible so I'm probably not the right person to confirm or deny this claim! It does provide a lovely base for my foundation though and helps it to glide on smoothly and easily without any problems. For the £4.99 price tag I really don't think you can go wrong with this. My only complaint is that the bottle is teeny so I don't know how long it'll last! I might turn to a more expensive primer for special occasions but for day to day wear I can see myself reaching for this a lot and I don't feel the need to shop around for a replacement (yet!)

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