Until We Bleed

Top - Charity Shop

Sunglasses - Asos Marketplace

Jeans - Charity Shop

Bag - Urban Outfitters

Shoes - Charity Shop

Today has been a day of packing for our holiday and longboarding. I don't have my own longboard so for now I'm just getting lessons on Calum's but it's actually really fun! I've never even tried skateboarding before so I'd be lying if I said I'm very good at it but I'm getting there slowly but surely!

This will be the last post I do for a little while anyway because I'm finally off on my hols! I'm planning on taking loads of pictures while I'm out there (especially now I have my iPhone) but I'm not sure if the hotel has wifi or not - even if it does I should imagine I'll be too busy/tired to post anyway! Expect plenty of photos and outfit posts once I'm back though and have a lovely fortnight! x