Gucci Flora Fragrance Review

A bit of a different post today! I thought I'd do a quick review on one of the presents my boyfriend got me for my birthday; the fragrance 'Flora' by Gucci. I've never done a review of a fragrance before and I've rarely seen them done elsewhere either (probably because a smell is the hardest thing to describe online!) but I thought I'd give it a go seeing as most of the cosmetics and beauty products I have lined up to review still need a little bit more testing time before I make my mind up on them!

I've never really owned a 'proper' perfume before and even when I've had samples I rarely remember to actually use them, I guess it's something that just hasn't become formed into my everyday routine yet! For me finding a fragrance that I actually like has proved really difficult. I wanted something girly but elegant and not too overpowering as so many perfumes seem to be these days. This perfume is described as being a 'fresh, floral fruity fragrance' and I would definitely agree with that. I've loved the idea of floral fragrances for a long time but most of the ones I've tested have been so strong - I must have a sensitive nose too because so many of them give me the sneezes! 'Flora' is a lot more subtle than any of the others I've tried and has a much lighter, fresher scent. I spritz it twice onto my neck and gently pat the perfume in with the backs of my wrists and for me the fragrance stays smelling beautiful all day.

I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a classic, girly scent. Being a Gucci product the packaging is beautiful too which is always a bonus! 

What are some of your favourite fragrances?