Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - £28

After resisting the urge to buy a high end foundation for so long I caved in and treated myself to this little beauty while I was on holiday (it's my birthday in a week so when I took it to the counter Calum's mum insisted on treating me instead - yay!) I've been wanting this make up for months even after reading such mixed reviews on it and although I did have the option of buying Double Wear Light but my love for full coverage foundations won over in the end.

One of the most appealing things about high end make up brands has to be the wide choice of shades - something which I haven't found can be matched by any high street brands. After asking the make up artist which shade would be best for me I was matched up with 2N2 (Fresco) which she applied in store and suited me perfectly! When shopping for foundation my usual technique is just to pick up the lightest shade available and hope for the best so with Fresco only being about the 6th lightest shade I'm definitely glad I got some advice!

The first noticeable difference between this and most of the high street foundations I've used has to be the packaging. The navy box is beautiful and the glass bottle is so thick - it definitely felt worth the money as soon as I got it out of the bag! One massive flaw with this however is that it has no pump, meaning that the product has to just be poured out. I've used Revlon's Colourstay Foundation for years which works in the same way so I've had some practise at working out exactly how much product I need but there's still a risk of a lot of wasted product.

The foundation is thick and creamy as I expected. After shaking the bottle well I pour about a penny-sized amount onto the back of my hand and apply using a stipple brush. My skin goes through stages of being relatively clear and then having pretty extreme breakouts all of a sudden - I either have no blemishes or a lot of them all at once! Just before I went away my skin decided it was time for an outbreak of pimples, especially around my chin and forehead which were a NIGHTMARE to cover up in the hot weather. I was really impressed with the coverage this gave though and didn't even feel the need to use concealer at all on the days I was wearing it - a definite first for me! Even the redness around my nose was concealed with the foundation alone which I was so impressed with; it even managed to brighten the darkness around my eyes ever so slightly which for me is the sign of some kind of miracle product!

One of the most common criticisms about this foundation seems to be that it's heavy/drying to the skin but I honestly didn't find this was the case with me at all. My skin has been so dry lately due to having the air conditioning on every night in our room but it didn't cling to any dry patches at all and actually left my cheeks slightly glowing; a definite plus for me. It's probably the first foundation I've ever tried that I can genuinely say felt weightless on my skin; it was as though I wasn't wearing any at all. Unlike a lot of high street foundations I've used it doesn't oxidise through the day either and stays relatively well put without any powder over the top - even when walking around all day in 40 degree heat! When applied with my usual stipple brush I found it pretty easy to blend in, although I do tend to use a normal foundation brush at the end to make sure it's fully blended. The finish it gave my skin was almost flawless - the picture below was taken in natural daylight and my skin hasn't been edited at all (cross my heart and hope to die) so I was super pleased with the result considering how awful my skin was at this point.

The full coverage that this foundation offers obviously wont be to everyones taste but for me it feels as though I've found my foundation holy grial. Before this the only high end foundation I'd ever tried was Clinique's 'Even Better' which I was really disappointed with but this has definitely converted me. I love the finish it gives my skin and the way it allows me to build up coverage as much as I need to in order to achieve a flawless look. It blends incredibly well and even my boyfriend said it looked as though my skin was just naturally perfect; I'm guessing it must be good if even a boy comments on it!

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