Looking At The Peaches

Top: Charity Shop

Jeans: Charity Shop

Shoes: Urban Outfitters

Ring: eBay

Hello! I've finally got around to doing another outfit post, time seems to be going so quickly this summer and I barely have time to even think about ideas for my blog, let alone carry them out. The ring is a dupe of YSL's 'Arty Ring' which to be honest I wasn't a huge fan of until recently. I bought the ring from this seller, although I think there's plenty of others out there selling round about the same thing. It's not a spot on copy by any means but the £1.05 price tag lured me in and I think it was well worth the money! The jeans are actually this seasons Topshop 'Leigh' ones that I came across in a local charity shop - my guess is that they didn't fit the original owner as they were in pretty much brand new condition and at £2.50 they were a snip of their usual £38 price tag. Topshop jeans tend to be the only ones I trust so I was a very happy bunny! I bought my shoes on sale during a shopping trip to Bluewater with Calum on Tuesday. I rarely ever wear sandals but they're my favourite colour so I couldn't resist, having size 3 feet comes in extremely handy when the sales are on too as that often seems to be the only size left in stock!

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