Into The Valley

 Blouse - Charity Shop

Levi Shorts - D.I.Y

Shoes - Charity Shop

Bag - Vintage

Nails - Barry M 'Coral'

Ring - Grandma's

 The weather here has been beautiful this past week or so (give or take a couple of rain showers along the way!) so I've actually plucked up the courage to reveal my milky-white legs a few days in a row. I've definitely given up on the idea of them getting any colour by now!

The shorts were made by just cutting the legs off some cord Levi's I found in a charity shop a year or so ago.  It seemed a shame to cut them up but I knew I'd never wear them as trousers - especially considering they were really flared. The bag was a Christmas present from Calum. I love satchels and this one is from the wonderful vintage shop Looses in Norwich - it even has the name and address of the original owner scribbled inside! This is also the first in an (incredibly) long line of floral blouses to appear on my blog. For some reason they're just one of those things I can never resist buying and they're perfect in summer with a pair of shorts.

Like I say the weather along the coast has been lovely this past week so me & Calum have really made the most of it as much as possible. I've lived 5 minutes from the beach all my life and it's the one thing I know I'll miss about living in Bexhill at university. After 18 years by the sea I still can't swim though so I guess it's hard to really make the most of it!

(and a picture of my cat Tigger, just because)