Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow


This seems like a really strange post to write because I haven't had my dip dye in about a year or so now, but I know that when I initially got it done it was something that I got asked about all the time! Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to do a quick post about it on this blog, explaining how I did it and answering a few of the questions that people used to ask so frequently!

People who follow me on Tumblr will probably know that I've always loved experimenting with my hair - at least until recently. During my first year of college I went pretty much every colour imaginable until I ended up with a dark chocolate brown that I soon got bored of, so I looked into ways of sprucing it up and doing something a little bit different. I got the inspiration from pictures of Abbey Lee Kershaw that I'd seen (THAT gorgeous pink dip dye) but I did mine before dip dying became really 'popular' I guess.

My initial plan was to dye the tips of my hair blue, so I went out and bought a box of Smart Beauty highlights in 'electric blue'. As far as I know you can still purchase this in most Superdrug stores for around a fiver or so. Inside the box came a pre-lightener; basically a bleach-based solution that can be used on dark hair in order to lighten the hair up enough for the blue to sit on top. The pack also includes an application brush that they recommend you use in order to create neat highlights, but I actually decided against using that and just slapped the solution onto the bottom couple of inches of hair using my hands. I left that on for the recommended 40 minutes and washed it off with warm water. This left me with a kind of coppery colour which I actually decided I quite liked, so i left using the blue and decided to keep it as it was for a little while.

A fortnight later I picked up a box of L'Oreal Super Blonde from my local Boots with the hopes of making my dip dye a little bit brighter. Although I knew it was a risk using another bleach product on my hair I was satisfied that I'd waited a couple of weeks and set about mixing up the solution and applying it over the top. I used my hands during the application again and this time I went a bit further up my hair so that the tips went really blonde but there was a copper section in the middle which helped blend the colour together and not leave such a harsh black/blonde contrast.

Obviously one of the main questions I got asked was about the damage this did to my hair. When I first did it I honestly couldn't believe how little difference it seemed to make, but within a few weeks the tips of my hair did seem a lot more dry and brittle; leading to a fair amount of split ends. Obviously this wasn't great news, but it didn't particularly bother me as I'd been expecting my hair to feel the brunt a little bit anyway. I just invested in a good conditioner and used hair oils to keep the ends well nourished, something which I'd always tried to do even before reaching for the bleach bottle!

The dip dye lasted as long as I wanted it to really. I don't know if it's because I have naturally fair hair and had only dyed it black, but the colour didn't actually fade at all for the few months I had it. Once I decided I was bored of it I just applied a dark dye over the top which was fine for a while but the bleach meant that it didn't take brilliantly and this soon faded. If my hair hadn't have been so short I'd have probably opted to just cut the bleached ends off once I'd had enough of them as keeping them hidden for long ended up being a real pain in the arse! In general I loved my dip dye though, I didn't know anyone else who had one at the time so it was something I kind of became known for I guess.

Have you ever experimented with the dip dye trend?