Camera Ready Skin in a Bottle

Primers fall into the category of 'beauty products I should probably use, but really can't be bothered to' (alongside toners and highlighters, fyi) . I've tried a few in the past but have never been blown away by the results, at least not enough to keep me using them on a regular basis.

The This Works In Transit Camera Close Up is actually marketed as a mask, moisturiser and primer hybrid. Even after months of use I have no idea what that really means, only that I like it. My one gripe is that it can be a little too heavy for my sensitive skin, but applying little and often solves that issue and means that I'm able to achieve a truly fresh, radiant complexion on the days that I really need it. A small amount applied to the skin post-cleanse is enough to keep my skin looking and feeling refreshed and rejuvenated all day long. It's worth waiting 10 minutes before using a base product over the top just so that the lotion is able to fully absorb, but in the end I'm left with skin that looks healthy and glowing with no excess oil in sight.

BeautyNatalie Stubbs