Honest Thoughts On The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Honest Thoughts On The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

If there's one beauty brand that consistently win me over with their packaging alone, it's Hourglass. Their Ambient Lighting Palette is just about as great looking as a selection of powders ever could be; with the three shades promising to be all you need when setting makeup, adding a subtle highlight and warming up the skin. 

I've been using the singular Ambient Lighting Powder avidly for the past year and it's one the few products that has earned a permanent place in my makeup bag. Yes, it's expensive. But it offers so much that I can start to look past the price tag. The finely milled, yellow based powder works wonders at setting makeup, adding life to the skin and diffusing redness all at once. I can visibly notice the difference in my skin when I'm not wearing it.

My issue with the shades in the palette is simple; no matter how much product I apply I struggle to see them having any effect on my skin. It's fair to note that I suffer from a fair amount of redness in the skin so Diffused Light was likely to be a great match from the off, but I was still expecting a little more from a palette that could almost be seen as an investment piece. The star of the show is probably 'Incandescent Light', the only exclusive shade within the palette. Used with a light hand it can be used to highlight the cheekbones and add a subtle glow to the skin, although I'll admit to still preffering my beloved Topshop Glow Pot over any powder formula I've tried. 'Dim Light' is the most wearable all-over option of the bunch, although I don't find that it enhances the look of my skin in the same way that Diffused Light does. I feel as though it's a little warm to be touted as a general setting powder, but I'm not sure how else you'd use it. Lastly is 'Radiant Light' - a pretty, golden bronze powder with a healthy amount of shimmer. It's nice, but I'll be the first to admit that for the price I expected something a little more. It's too shimmery to be used as an all over bronzer, but too orange to realistically pass as a contour shade. Long story short, it's another one that I'm at a bit of a loss of how to work with.

I don't doubt that the palette is a great match for some people - in fact the consistently positive reviews suggest that it's a worthy investment for the majority of those who've tried it - I'm just not sure how to make it work for me. It's probably one that will be ending up on Depop at some point in the next week (cheeky heads up if you're looking for a way to try it yourself without splitting with the full price). I just need to stop myself staring at it, first.

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