Ten of The Best From Bumble and Bumble

10. Tonic Spray

Like a primer/detangler hybrid, Tonic is packed full of nutrients and designed to prep the hair for styling. It smells gorgeous and works really well at bringing some life back to my hair when a trip to the stylist is overdue.

9. Foam Wash Surf Shampoo

The surf range is general is awesome. In fact, the shampoo combined with the conditioner and Surf Spray are pretty much all it takes to eek out the hair's natural texture and give you that effortless, french-girl chic vibe with no styling. The shampoo can be a little drying on the scalp so I only use it in rotation with other products, but I love it when I do.

bumble bumble thickening creme contour
bumble bumble pret-a-powder

8. Thickening Creme Contour

I gave the entire Thickening range a bit of a rough time when I started using it, but I've since found new ways to make them work for me. Thickening Creme Contour is a little too heavy to use in the lengths of my fine hair, but scrunching it into the roots after washing helps to achieve that lived-in texture that I crave.

7. Thickening Full Form Mousse

I feel a bit sneaky for including this one, especially when I wrote recently about laying off the mousse. I tend to save the stuff for special occasions now and this one from Bb continues to be my favourite of the bunch. Think light, airy volume with none of the crunch.

6. Pret-A-Powder

I've always struggled to use conventional dry shampoos. As unsexy as it sounds, I was blessed with a dry, sensitive scalp and can't help scratching my head like maniac as soon as a little powder is involved. I still have to tread lightly with Pret-A-Powder, but as far as irritation goes this is the best that I've tried and provides a great deal of volume, too.

bumble pret a powder dry shampoo

5. Thickening Shampoo

For a long time I refused to buy into Bb's range of shampoos. £25 is a whopping amount of money to spend on something that gets washed straight out again, but I have to (reluctantly) admit that this one has stolen my heart. The secret is all in the rinse and repeat method, which leaves my hair feeling squeaky clean and full of bounce.

4. Don't Blow It (H)air Styler

While I don't leave my hair to air dry anywhere near as much as I used to, this still ranks highly in my favourite Bb products of them all. On the rare occasion that I do have time to ditch the drying altogether, a small blob of this makes sure that my naturally straight, lank hair has a little more wave and body without heat.

bumble and bumble don't blow it air styler
bumble and bumble thickening dryspun finish

3. Brilliantine

It was very much love at first try for me and Brilliantine. As somebody with hair that's unmanageably soft straight after washing, this stuff really is a god send. The smallest amount of product works wonders at roughing up my hair post-conditioner and gives it some much needed hold and texture without losing its shine.

2. Surf Spray

I love a good sea salt spray - and a good sea salt spray that doesn't leave the hair feeling dry or damaged receives even more of my adoration. Even the scent of Surf Spray instantly takes me back to balmy summer evenings beside the sea.

1. Hair (un)Dressing Texture Creme

My holy grail of Bumble products, this thick creme has an almost gum-like texture that gives the hair a relaxed, beachy finish. A blob about the size of a 5 pence piece is enough to create noticeable movement and volume when applied directly to damp roots.