St. Tropez In Shower Tan: One Bottle Down


I think the concept of an in shower tanning product is genius. I'm as lazy as they come with using additional products like this, so the idea of being able to apply, develop and rinse inside the shower cubicle is one that appeals to me straight away. I've read such glowing reviews about this stuff and I have to admit that an entire bottle later I'm fairly disappointed. £15 is undeniably a pretty heavy price tag for a gradual tan, especially one that I can't see much use for other than to top up an existing tan between applications. It's important to remember that you're unlikely to achieve a deep golden tan using any kind of gradual lotion, but I really have found that this has done very little in altering the colour of my skin after three weeks of regular use.

One positive I have found is that any colour my skin has been given is completely streak free. If you're just after an (incredibly) subtle glow rather than a tan-tan, this could work great. It's not the most hydrating lotion and I don't really find it enough to use on my dry skin without the need for additional moisturisers, but it does have a way of leaving a soft luminosity to the skin that I imagine would keep your limbs looking healthy all year round. Not that I'd be too keen on using this in the winter; standing starkers in the shower with the water shut off for three minutes is a traumatic enough experience in the middle of June.

Although I do love the concept of this it's not something that I can imagine myself repurchasing regularly in the future. Not having to wait around for a tan to develop is lovely, as is not risking staining your clothes or white bedsheets. The scent is also lovely upon application, although a few hours after rinsing I do find that the typical faux-glow whiff begins to rear it's ugly head just a little bit. For me it's one of those products that doesn't know exactly which side of the fence it's sitting on. Not pigmented enough to be a good gradual tanner, yet not hydrating enough to be a worthy body moisturiser either. I definitely understand the reason for the hype as it's a fairly revolutionary product, but it's not one that I'd be in any hurry to track down again.

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