A Forgotten Treasure: Origins Super Spot Remover

The Origins Super Spot Remover was definitely the product of the moment when I first started reading blogs. Just about everyone was talking about it, alongside Moroccanoil and Estée Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. At the time I was still taking medication for my persistent acne, meaning that it was never something that I thought all too seriously about trying. My skin has gradually levelled out over the few years since, but I'd be lying if I didn't still admit to the occasional breakout. A couple of weeks ago, that's exactly what happened. I'm still not exactly sure what disagreed with my skin in such a big way, but before I knew it I found myself scouring the internet for blemish solutions and vowing never to leave the house again. The Origins Super Spot Remover was one that was consistently recommended, alongside the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. I was equally intrigued by both, but the convenience of living close to an Origins counter meant that this was the one I picked up first.

While I wouldn't recommend this for sufferers of persistent or severe acne, for those who experience the occasional breakout I'd say that it's well worth a try. My skin is nowhere near as problematic as it used to be but I do still get blemishes on a regular basis - in fact it's extremely rare for my skin to be completely clear. The addition of the Origins Super Spot Remover to my routine has been barely noticeable in terms of effort; a thin layer applied as and when needed is more than enough and doesn't interfere with makeup or other skincare. Even so, for such a simple product it really does deliver on results. I'm not a huge fan of using harsh ingredients on my skin but the high content of Salicylic Acid has been making a huge difference to the pesky, stubborn blemishes that I otherwise struggle to get rid of. In fact, trying this during such a horrendous breakout may well have been a blessing in disguise. I feel better prepared to deal with blemishes than before and have found that any dark marks and scarring left behind are visibly less noticeable after just a couple of days. 

BeautyNatalie Stubbs