My Updated Hair Styling Routine

After a long overdue hair cut last week, now seemed like the perfect time to refine my day to day styling routine. I've been wanting to cut down on the amount of products that I've been using for a while now and my hairdresser only confirmed that some of the heavier mousses and creams that I was using to give my hair lift were actually doing the opposite.

I've been using mousse after every wash for as long as I can remember - in fact it's probably been about 10 years since I've gone without. It's taking me some time to get used to not reaching for it but I've been pleasantly surprised by how much volume my hair has on its own. I have a lot of hair but it's incredibly fine, so some of the thicker mousse formulas I was using were only weighing things down even more.

My streamlined routine consists almost entirely of Bumble + Bumble products. It's worth noting that I'm not (and never have been) sponsored by the brand - I really do just trust their products more than any others. I prefer to wash my hair in the evening so that it has time to air dry, which is where the Don't Blow It (H)air Styler comes into play. As the name would suggest, it's a styling creme that works to enhance the hair's natural texture and wave without the use of heat. I'm feeling more passionate than ever about taking proper care of my hair now that it's a little shorter, so a product that gives me passable hair days without the need for any heat is something of a god send.

Come morning, I've been scrunching a little of the Thickening Creme Contour through the lengths, just to mess things up a little. I've had this sitting in the back of my haircare drawer for a while now and I've never been sure how to use it. Now that I've lost a little length, I'm finding it really effective at giving some extra texture to my hair and eeking out some of that subtle, piece-y vibe that I long for so much.

Lastly, the Thickening Dryspun Finish is another product that I like to have on hand. This works really well at reviving second day hair without leaving my scalp feeling as uncomfortable as dry shampoo. Even if your hair has a tendency to look a bit flat towards the day, I'd highly recommend using a light mist like this one to wake things up a little.

BeautyNatalie Stubbs