The Prettiest Blush That I Ever Did Use (and it costs less than a tenner)

Blusher is one of those products that I'm just not that into. Being so fair skinned means that every colour shows up reasonably well, although I've never been able to see a great difference between wearing a bright coral or a soft pink. It may just be that I'm a little too light handed when I apply colour, but for whatever reason they just all seem to look so similar when they're on the skin.

That's probably the reason why high end blushers and cheek tints have never appealed to me all that much. I just haven't seen the point in splurging on a product that could so easily be replicated on the high street. The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blushers were a release that really caught my eye but I just couldn't justify the cost - and in hindsight I'm fairly pleased I didn't (although I will be making a rare trip to Space NK tomorrow, so never say never). The Max Factor Creme Puff blushers are a little misleading in their name, but for a finely milled, baked powder formula they're probably the best I've tried. They rival the Hourglass option in terms of beauty inside the pan, although the smaller price tag prevents me from feeling quite so guilty about getting stuck in with my brush. The shade Nude Mauve is my pick of the bunch, offering a subtle warmth to the skin with just a hint of radiance. As with most baked products a little of this goes a long way and just looks so flattering when blended across the cheeks.

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