An Everyday Moisturiser For Tired, Sensitive Skin


Taking care of sensitive skin can feel like a mammoth task. As well as a tendency to become easily irritated, mine is also prone to blemishes and dryness; meaning that many of the products aimed at my particular skin type are rich and heavily fragranced. I first bought the Kiehl's Skin Rescuer a couple of months ago, having experienced a nasty reaction after applying essential oils to the skin. Kiehl's recommend this for complexions that are stressed and fatigued - both symptoms that I struggle to combat on a long term basis.

I've been using the cream religiously ever since, applying a light layer to the face and neck every morning and evening after cleansing. It's by no means the most hydrating moisturiser I've ever tried, although after 6 weeks of constant use the regular dry areas around my nose and cheeks have disappeared almost completely. For such a lightweight product I do find that it takes a little while to sink in to the skin, although it's not something that puts me off using it - in fact I like that it provides a fresh, smooth canvas for makeup.

Although I wouldn't say that this has completely rescued my skin, it has helped to balance my complexion and reduce the levels of excessive dryness that I struggle with around the centre of my face. It also managed to calm irritation caused by my first eyebrow threading appointment a few weeks ago. The packaging is another bonus, with the pump dispenser and sturdy plastic bottle being a welcome addition in my weekend away bag. 

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