All You Need To Tackle Dry Skin This Winter

I first tried the Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate* and Daily Reviving Concentrate* a couple of months ago and both have progressed seamlessly into my daily routine. Having sensitive skin means that I'm fairly unimaginative when it comes to what I use on my face. I'll use the same products day in, day out without feeling the urge to try something new and only start to research alternatives when my existing options have reached their end. Even so, a good quality serum has been missing from my collection since I used the last dregs of my beloved Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair a year or so ago. 

Dehydrated skin is something that I've suffered with for as long as I can remember. Despite being particularly prone to breakouts, my complexion just doesn't seem to produce the amount of oil needed to give the illusion of naturally healthy skin. My skin tone is sallow, so using a facial oil in the morning makes a positive difference to the way that my makeup sits throughout the day. The Daily Reviving Concentrate is a fresh blend of ginger and sunflower oils to awaken and revitalise the skin. The citrus scent is the perfect accompaniment to sluggish mornings and I can visibly notice a difference in my skin when I use this. Throughout the day, my foundation stays looking fresh and doesn't break up or look patchy later on. The Midnight Recovery Concentrate promises much the same as most overnight oils, although this is one of the few I've tried that seems to genuinely deliver results. Two or three drops massaged onto the skin before bed is enough to give me a fresh, rejuvenated complexion come morning. It's also one of the (very) few products that has ever invited skin-related compliments after use - and for that it will remain a favourite of mine. 

BeautyNatalie Stubbs